Three Phase Induction Motor Library

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Phase Induction Motor Library

     Production of R.M.F.
     Speed of R.M.F.
     Direction of R.M.F.
          Squirrel Cage Rotor
          Slip Ring or Wound Rotor
     Can N = Ns ?
➣ Effect of Slip on Rotor Parameters (Part1 - Part2  - Part3)
     Effect on Rotor Frequency
     Effect on Magnitude of Rotor Induced E.M.F.
     Effect on Rotor Resistance and Reactance
     Effect on Rotor Power Factor
     Effect on Rotor Current
     Starting Torque
     Magnitude of Maximum Torque
     Full Load Torque
     Generating and Braking Region
     Full Load and Maximum Torque Ratio
     Starting Torque and Maximum Torque Ratio
     Derivation of k in Torque Equation
➣ Equivalent Circuit of Induction Motor (Part1Part2)
     Deep Bar Rotor Construction
     Double Cage Rotor Construction
     Comparison of Single Cage and Double Cage Motors
➣ Induction Generator (Part1    -   Part2)
     Circle Diagram of Induction Generator
      Comparison of Induction Generator and Synchronous Generator
➣ Induction Regulator
     Separating No Load Losses
     Predicting Performance From Circle Diagram
     Maximum Quantities
     Full Load Condition
     Types of Starter
     Relation between Tst and TF.L.
     Relation between Tst and TF.L.
     Ratio of Tst and TF.L.
     Consequent Pole Method
     Multiple Stator Winding Method
     Pole Amplitude Modulation Method
     Kramer System
➣ Electrical Braking of an Induction Motor (Part1  -  Part2)
     Dynamic or Rheostat Braking
     D.C. Dynamic Braking
     Regenerative Braking
     Abnormal Conditions and failure in Case of Induction Motor
     Protection Circuit for Induction Motor
     Single Phasing Preventer
     Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
     Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

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